Uniform Jury Instructions — Criminal 
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Committee commentary. — At the direction of the supreme court, the court's committee on criminal procedure began a consideration of uniform jury instructions for criminal cases in 1972. According to the American Judicature Society, New Mexico has the distinction of being among the first to adopt mandatory, uniform jury instructions for criminal cases.
The staff work for the committee was handled by the institute of public law and services of the University of New Mexico School of Law. Helene Simson, deceased, served as the first reporter. Mark B. Thompson III succeeded her as reporter in 1973. Gary O'Dowd, director of the institute and Charles Daniels of the law faculty served as consultants. Justice LaFel E. Oman acted as liaison between the committee and the supreme court.
These rules could not have been completed without the financial assistance of the governor's council on criminal justice planning; the production assistance of Tina Peterson and Judy Jones; and the general assistance of members of the institute's secretarial staff and several students of the University of New Mexico School of Law.
Our sincere appreciation to perhaps the most forward-looking appellate court in the country for its support in the drafting of these instructions and its confidence in us by approving these instructions.
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